This Cyber Month???Better Understand Cyber Security and Showcase Your Knowledge with CSX???s Cybersecurity Fundamentals

As it is Cyber Security Awareness Month, this October puts even more emphasis on the ever-increasing global cyber threat???and the growing need for individuals who can demonstrate abilities and an understanding of cyber security. The Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certificate program from ISACA?????s Cybersecurity Nexus??? (CSX) is ideal for practitioners wishing to advance their knowledge of cyber security. It is also invaluable to professionals wishing to transfer to the in-demand, but fiercely competitive field, and for college/university students looking for a first job in cyber security. The knowledge-based certificate and training enables you to:
??? Grow your knowledge and demonstrate understanding of the principles that define cyber security and the role a cyber security professional plays in protecting enterprise data
??? Stay on top of cyber security???s impact on your information systems role or start strong in your cyber security career
??? Have your resume/CV stand out
This Cyber Security Awareness Month, better prepare yourself and your enterprise for growing cyber security threats. Look into Cybersecurity Fundamentals training at upcoming CSX 2016 global conferences, online, or as part of ISACA On-Site Training for enterprises. Schedule your Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certificate exam???available online to take at your convenience. Plus, Save with a Cybersecurity Fundamentals Study Guide and Exam Registration Bundle.

Created by leading minds in the field, the Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) knowledge platform from ISACA is a one-stop global resource for enhancing the skills, knowledge, credentials and network of current and future defenders against the ever-evolving cyber security threat.

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To help you and your organization, CSX has put together a number of helpful resources and tools you can access this October, including:
??? Cyber Security Career Resources
??? Expert Insight and Guidance in Key Cyber Security Areas
??? Resources for building a stronger cyber security workforce